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The Foundation of United for Relief and Sustainable Development (FUAD), in partnership with organization Oxfam International, implemented an integrated response project to save the lives of those affected by the conflict in Iraq, which was implemented in Hawija district, Kirkuk governorate Among the activities of the project is the rehabilitation of sanitation in Hawija district, which was implemented in cooperation and joint coordination with the Hawija Sewage Department, where 14 workers from Hawija residents were employed as part  of the cash-for-work project. In the following neighborhood

(Al-Askari neighborhood – Al-Qadisiyah district – Al-Yarmouk district – Al-Souq) The work included the following:

1- Cleaning manhole

2- Opening the sewer

3-Open networks

4-Cleaning the sidewalks around manholes and network

5- Draw out the heavy water