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The Vision

Being the best and the most effective organization in the field of human development


FUAD is a Non-Governmental,
non-political and non-profit organization, established in May 2003

The Mission

Supporting capacities of the most vulnerable groups to achieve human dignity, sustainable livelihoods, and quality education in order to achieve humanitarian development at all levels.

We love to help all people that have problems in the world. After 17 years we have many goals achieved.







Families were aided



Our Golas for 2021

Open a sewing training project for widows in Kirkuk and Hawija

Aiding women to sustain a source of income through sewing projects and produce masks for COVID-19 prevention 

Opening courses and training workshop for unemployed graduates

Computer education and communication software (Skype e-mail and Microsoft education). And, teach them how to create an effective CV in order to help them find jobs.

Providing clean water for those who have no access to it

Many Iraqi families still have no access to clean water which is a basic human right

Featured Cause

Community Relief

Donate to help those in need to have better standards of living.

  • Raised from $10,000 73% 73%


The Foundation of United for Relief and Sustainable Development (FUAD) implemented awareness sessions for the residents of Kirkuk city (960 Beneficiaries) as a part of the project for incresing the participation rate in the elections process in Kirkuk with the aim of...

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Forced marriage is a crime.

Forced marriage is a crime.

(A forced marriage contract is considered void as long as the husband has not consummated the marriage with his wife, and if the consummation takes place, it is considered suspended) Article Nine, Paragraph 1 of Personal Status Law No. 188 of 1959. (Violence against...

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