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International Day to reflect on the occasion to reflect on achievement, the hope of the homeland, the second stage of development and to celebrate women and their courage and steadfastness in playing exceptional roles in the history of their country and their community. Women in Iraq have the right to be equal, free of exploitation and violence. A sustainable future, peace be upon you, peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.
The Foundation for Relief and Sustainable Development (FUAD) Diyala Branch for the appropriate care of International Women’s Day started a celebratory event in the Teachers Syndicate Hall in Muqdadiya in Diyala Governorate in partnership with Oxfam and with the support of the European Union under the slogan:
(Women and their leadership role in achieving equality in the shadow of COVID-19). ContinueNet:
1. A lecture on women leaders.
2. Presenting a presentation on the experience of #FUAD in the field of protecting women, and its impact on society in the areas where the activities were carried out.
3. Defining it with its dimensions.
4. Words: the municipality of Muqdadiya (head of the Police Forum in Muqdadiya), Engineer Khaled Butti al-Tamimi), the word of the police officer at Abbas al-Tamimi center, the word of Diyala University – the College of Education al-Miqdad Salman, Prof. Dr. Riyad al-Mahdawi, and the director of al-Muqdadiya General Hospital, Dr. Ali Mahdi Muhammad.
5. Words by civic activists in which they spoke success stories and their role in helping society.
During the distribution of shields and certificates of appreciation on the number of active women in society and activists defending women’s rights in Muqdadiyah.