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Did you know that Iraq has recorded at least 14,000 cases of assault on women in the past year, these attacks include beating, rape, or even murder, when 14,000 is mentioned as a number, it may not mean anything to anyone, but these are lives, lives of women, mothers, girls, that were exposed to various means and types of violence, they were exposed to incidents that may not occur to one of us even once, or we might think that it is one of the Agatha Christie stories when she talks about a crime in her book, but unfortunately this is not a story but a reality that most families suffers from?
An incident that shook our souls when we heard about it a while ago, like uncle who dared to rape his two minor nephew and then killed his brother!!!
Or like that incident that most of the society heard about through social media (policeman rapes a young girl) policeman!!!! Won’t any of you ask!! A policeman! Abuses while he should protect her ! This incident and the previous one, the uncle assault on his two nephews, who is supposed to have supported them, is one of the biggest indications that shows abuse and violence are not limited to a certain type of person, whether he is a stranger, or that he is educated, or ignorant, or in a position or without.
Such incidents occur almost on a daily basis in society and within families, but they are not popularized like others, and this is due to the fear on the part of the victim to disclose it, she might be wife, daughter, sister, or even a mother, this is one of the reasons why the perpetrator continues his felony and rushes towards victims other.
In one of the reports, the Director of Family and Child Protection from Domestic Violence in the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier Ali Muhammad Salem, stated that (the rate of violence against women as a whole in the country has reached 58%, and this percentage is much higher compared to previous years).
If we want to change this reality, which is not limited to Iraq only, but also other countries, that we may not have imagined them at the top of the list in cases of rape and violence, such as Sweden for example.
What do you think we should do to change the reality of cases of abuse, domestic violence and violence against women?! Share your opinions with us