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Our Projects with Unhcr

Project  Title Donor Location of the Project Target Beneficiaries NO Implementation Date Main Activities
  Emergency food assistance for the newly IDPs, Returnees and Remainees in Kirkuk city and its districts. UNOCHA/IHPF Check  points and entrances of Kirkuk city 2500 14827 14-May \2016-14-January-2017. The project was about implementation of distribution of emergency ready to eat food kits to(2500 ) newly displaced families to Kirkuk (14827) individual .and distribution of 600 dry food basket for (200) IDPS families from the most vulnerable families selected to receive dry food items for three continuous months.
Rapid Emergency Assistance for the newly arrived IDPs to Kirkuk City. UNOCHA| IHPF Center City of Kirkuk. 2400 15128 20- October- 2016 – 12- June.   The project was about the distribution of baskets of emergency food  items. For (2400)family ,(15128)individual, of the newly displaced families to Kirkuk.
Emergency response of water and sanitation for displaced people living outside camps. UNOCHA / IHPF Kirkuk 450 27311 25-September- 2015- 25-May – 2016 (450) of the displaced families that live in tents and incomplete  construction houses in Kirkuk benefited from the project that was about :
1- Delivery of potable water .
2- Sanitary drainage works.
3- Distribution of health materials.
4- Raising – awareness.
5-Distribution of a purchase card
Improve the activities of humanitarian efforts through the medical referral Unhcr Kirkuk 170 1-November – 31- December – 2014 The project was bout  the referral of (170) person of the IDPs families  ( kids, females , pregnant and the elder) to the medical centers  for examination and receiving the necessary treatment.
Literacy UNESCO Hay  wahed huzairan – hay askary – hay al  wasity – Taza –Yaji-  Kirkuk . 2000 2013 The project was about  the opening of  (5) teaching centers each center contains (30) row with a  row of kindergartens for (2000) of uneducated people the duration of the study  was six months. The centers covered  hay al-Wasiti, wahed huzairan  –  hay al-Askari inside Kirkuk city center and Taza and Yaji districts in Kirkuk.
Expansion of the water network of the Returnees and affected families  in Kirkuk UNAMI Al-debis district – Kirkuk province . 550 3217 15- May – 15 – July  2012 The project was about the expansion of the water network of three neighborhoods (Al-Ghannam, Al-Shuhada, Kulan) in the center of Al-Dibs district / Kirkuk province.
Restoration of displaced and returnee homes in Kirkuk. UNHCR Al- abassay – yayje – adlibs – lylan – shwan – alhaweja – taza – districts of Kirkuk  city . 400 24312 1- October – 31- December – 2014 The project was about the renovation of (400) house of displaced and returnee families in Yaiji, Shwan, Abbasi, Dabas, Taza, Lailan and Hawija distictes of Kirkuk city.
Distribution of household items in Baquba UNOCHA Baquba district – Diyala province 400 2512 2010  The project was about the  distribution of various household items to (400) family  ( 2512) individual , of the returnees and affected families  in the Baquba district  – Diyala province
Assistance of household items for IDPs  families in the  city of Kirkuk. UNHCR Kirkuk 691 4124 13- June – 29- June 2010 The project was about the  distribution of household items   to (691) family, (4124)  individual  of the displaced families from areas of conflict to the city of Kirkuk.
Reconstruction of homes of affected and returnees families in  Diyala UNHCR Al-Orouba, Al-Shakha, Al-Imam, Rashada and Ceuta districts of Muqdadiya – Diyala province 261 1676 2009 The project was about the reconstruction of the houses for (216) of the returnees and affected  families  of in the neighborhoods and villages of Al-Orouba, Al-Shakha, Al-Imam, Rashada and Ceuta in the district of Muqdadiya – Diyala province .
 Building and repairing houses for affected families in Kirkuk governorate UNHCR Taza district – Kirkuk province 650 3787 16- July  – 2009 – 1- March -2011 The project was about the reconstruction and restoration of houses for  (650) family , (3787) individual  of the affected and returnees families in Shawan,  Turklan,  Hawija,  Zab , Taza,  Abbasi, and Dibs districts  of  Kirkuk province
Distribution of household items and clothes for divorcees, widows and disabled persons UNOCHA Kirkuk 477 2849 1- May – 20- May-2009 The project was about the distribution of household items and clothing for (477) beneficiaries of divorcees, widows and disabled persons displaced to the city of Kirkuk
Relief assistance to returning and affected families in Baghdad / Dora UNOCHA  Eldora – Baghdad 411 2432 17- September – 27- September 2008 The project was about the distribution of household and sanitary materials items like , (blankets ,kitchen utensils, women’s clothing and children’s clothing) for (411) family , (2432) individual of the returning from displacement families in Karitan- Sweib- Baghdad .