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The Foundation of United for Relief and Sustainable Development (FUAD), in partnership with organisation OXFAM International, implemented an integrated response project to save the lives of people affected by the conflict in Iraq, which was implemented in Hawija district of Kirkuk governorate           One of the activities of the project is the rehabilitation of the electrical infrastructure in the Hawija district, which was carried out in cooperation and joint coordination with the Hawija Electricity Department, in which 40 workers from the people of Hawija were employed within the cash-for-work project and put them in the projects implemented by the Electricity Department as follows:


1-Maintenance and replacement of transformers Mahmudiyah village – Al Atchana Alia village – Al Atchana village lower – Umm Kseir village – Khirbet Hasan village – Mansouriya village – Lazakah village – Barima village – Al Qadisiyah neighborhood – Al Dibs village – Al Dudah Alia village – Al Sarai neighborhood – Al Nida neighborhood – Al Hay Al Askari – Maratha Village – Al Hallaqeen Street – February 8th District – Al Kadhimiya Village – Al Salam District – Al Mahmoudia Village

2-Erecting the 12 pillars for the village of Mahmudiyah – 100 columns of the village of Mansouriya – 9 columns of the village of Al-Zakah Al-Olaya

3-cables 700m, Mahmudiyah village – 100m, Maratha village – 400m, Khirbet Hassan village

4-Wires of 500 meters, the village of Atshana Al-Olaya – 100 meters, the village of Umm Kusir – 100 meters, the village of Barima – 100 meters, the village of Mahmoudiya

5-Maintenance of networks in the village of Al-Akula – Tal Al-Joul village – Al-Askari neighborhood – Al-Aziziyah village – Al-Yarmouk neighborhood – Al-Thawra neighborhood – Al-Bakara village – Arisha village – Hayyash village – Al-Sayyada village – Al-Thawra neighborhood – Al-Doudah village – Al-Hamdounia village – Mahooz village – Medina village – Hayash village – Al Khan village – Hehawa village – Al Atebaa Street