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Dialogue session between UNHCR and representatives of local authorities in Kirkuk:
On Thursday 17/12/2020, the United Foundation for Relief and Sustainable Development (FUAD) held the second dialogue session in Kirkuk Governorate, with the participation of the Office of the High Electoral Commission in this session with local authorities, representatives of government departments, and members of international and local organizations, as part of the activities of the project to enhance participation in The electoral process, and the session was attended by representatives from the following governmental and local agencies:

1- Kirkuk Provincial Council.
2- Mayor of Kirkuk District.
4- Directorate of Immigration and Displacement.
5- Kirkuk Education Directorate.
6- Kirkuk Health Directorate.
7- Directorate of Labor and Social Affairs.
8- Kirkuk University.
9 – Sheiks of clans.
10- A representative of the Christian component.
11- The Bar Association.
12- Media Syndicate.
13- Civil society organizations.
14- Political activists.

During the meeting, the following topics were discussed:
• Mechanism of the Commission’s work (update on biometric registration).
• Mobile teams, their role and distribution in Kirkuk to update the data.
• The new election law.
• Electoral districts and their distribution in Kirkuk.
• Asking various questions about the Commission, its work mechanism and ways to implement its upcoming tasks.