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On the occasion of the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression, which falls on June 4 of each year, the United Foundation (FUAD) organized a symposium on how to ensure a better future for children by working to end all forms of violence against children, and end their abuse, neglect and exploitation. Children are affected by armed conflict in many different ways. In order to achieve the goal of protecting children during armed conflict and to end the phenomenon of impunity for perpetrators, six categories of violations have been identified, which are called the six grave violations, and they form the basis for collecting evidence on violations, including:

1- Killing or maiming children.

2- Recruitment or use of children as soldiers.

3- Rape and other serious sexual abuse of children.

4- Attacking schools or hospitals

5- Cut off humanitarian aid for children.

6- Child abduction.

It was noted that the purpose of this day is to acknowledge the suffering of children who are victims of physical, mental and psychological abuse.

4 / June / 2021