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FUAD implements a project to increase the participation rate in the electoral process in Kirkuk governorate
, which aims to educate citizens in Kirkuk governorate about the upcoming elections to encourage and increase participation in the upcoming elections and encourage them to exercise their rights and to be aware of the electoral process and how to participate and choose the right people to represent them in the upcoming elections and target communities The weak and marginalized, especially women, illiterate families, displaced persons, and returnees, as well as targeting young people who will participate for the first time in the elections and this is achieved through implementing various activities to ensure access to all vulnerable groups and to ensure increased their  participation in the electoral process.
Elections are a legitimate right for every Iraqi who fulfills the stipulated conditions. Therefore, we seek to increase awareness and enhance participation in the elections for the various strata of society in order to ensure the importance of the electoral process and to ensure the selection of competent, leading and capable people, and for citizens to be aware of the electoral process and how to participate in the upcoming elections
 Mobile awareness-raising teams were formed in rural areas and in various regions of Kirkuk to work to raise awareness of families and their participation in the electoral process