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Commission dialogue body and representatives of the local authorities in Kirkuk
The United Nations Foundation for Relief and Development (FUAD), on Wednesday 12/16/2020, to hold the first dialogue session in Kirkuk governorate, through the participation of the Office of the High Elections Commission in this session with the local government, representatives of government departments and members of the international community, as part of the activities of the project to participate in the process Schedules and session adjacent to printing and official letters of government jobs in order to clarify the mechanisms by which the organization works and facilitate rural discussions in the next round.
The session was attended by representatives from government and local agencies as follows:
1- A representative of the Department of Immigration and Displacement.
2- A representative of the Bar Association.
3- A representative of the Labor and Social Affairs Directorate.
4- Department of Health.
5- Directorate of Education.
6- The district office of Kirkuk.
7- Provincial office.
8- Representative of UNAMI.
9- Human Rights Office.
10- The General Coordinator of the Local Area in Kirkuk.
The following topics were discussed:
• The mechanism of work of the Commission (update on biometric registration).
• The mobile teams and their role in Kirkuk to update the data.
• The new election law.
• Monitored and distributed in Kirkuk.
• Asking various questions about the commission, the mechanism and ways to implement its upcoming tasks.