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Child Protection support for conflict-affected children and adolescents in Kirkuk / Laylan Camp1, Haweeja and Kirkuk city Centre.

The United Foundation for Relief and Sustainable Development (FUAD), supported by UNICEF, was implementing a project for children protection, the age of 5-17 years. The duration of the project, from 15/Feb/ 2018 to 15/Feb/ 2019, working in three locations laylan camp1, Haweeja district & Kirkuk City centre.

Through this project, FUAD shall work to respond to child protection needs and concerns in Layan1 Camp Haweeja &  Kirkuk City centre,  by supporting the children through a static child and adolescent-friendly spaces and offering structured psychosocial support to children and their Parents. Another component is also identification and response to individual child protection concerns through specialized services, Identification and registration and unification of Separated and unaccompanied children, Support community-based child protection capacities to prevent and respond to child protection issues, and CP awareness-raising sessions, Strengthening local capacity to provide sustained child protection services.