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Name :- Athraa Fouad Jassim
Gander :- Female
Age :- 32
A widow and mother of 5 children 4 daughters and 1 Boy and her children are minors. After the events of IsIs in the province of Salah al-Din and what happened of destruction lost safety…
She decided to leave for fear of her children and herself.. Taken from the province of Kirkuk shelter where they found safety, but they lost their source of livelihood and all their tools Where they are no longer able to provide the basic needs of the house . During the field survey, her condition was assessed and she became one of the beneficiaries. After completing the course and receiving the materials, she returned to practicing sewing … She has a Continuing customers. that is now changing her position and is able to provide the necessary needs for her children and was very grateful to Christian Aid and FUAD for their support and help her to live in these difficult circumstances..


Brief description:


After receiving the materials she sewed in her house and after a short period of work managed to rent a better and bigger house and opened a small operator to receive customers and still has an ambition to expand the project