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Small Projects is one of the activities of the BMZ program, which is implemented by FUAD in partnership with Oxfam.

This activity targets the most vulnerable segment of citizens who do not have sources of income whether they are IDPs, Host community or returnees after the liberation of their areas from ISIS.

The implementation of this event will be in 15 districts within the governorate of Kirkuk and its districts and sub-districts.

It has been working since 2017 and continues to this day included many segments of society and women had the largest share and priority for widows, divorcees, orphans and disabled persons.

During the year 2017, 116 different projects were allocated to each project according to the beneficiary’s choice and skill and expertise. These projects include animal Breeding, sewing project, blacksmithing, women’s barbershop, men’s barbershop, dress shop, Electric Shop, Repair Shop, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment, Tire Maintenance Store, )

In 2018 the goal of the program is the development of livestock and agricultural so projects were limited to serve these two sectors, which are one of the most important sources of economic support.


During the first half of the year, 70 projects were distributed between raising animals and Motor with cart

poultry breeding and distribution of hatcheries in support of livestock in the country.

Work is continuing by FUAD, in partnership with Oxfam, to provide employment opportunities and sources of income for the largest possible number of citizens, serving them and the community to raise the cultural and economic level and achieve the desired goals.